(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

I have a client who discovered that his wife was having an affair. Think about that. What do you do? It's easy to say let's get a divorce.

I am more about keeping marriages together. This particular client shared the story because I have a full relationship with all my clients. I think it's important if you are hiring a coach that you don’t want one that just focuses on your business.

I'm a full-service coach. I deal with your business and personal life. People call me a business coach, but really I am a life coach because life gets in the way of business. And if you are not spot on in your personal life then business will suffer. In this particular case, the client discovered his spouse was having an affair and he went toward getting a divorce. I said: “Time out buddy.”

Get out of judgement and into curiosity. We hosted him in our house, for 3 days. We talked through it and I said: “Look, we all mess up, ok.” After 3 days, he went back with an open mind and said: "I am not getting a divorce". 

However, 2 weeks later, he and his spouse came up to our house and spent a weekend with us. They were yelling and screaming, and I understand that. You are talking about infidelity here. Ok, At the end of the day, can we work through it.

This is probably the most tumultuous thing anybody will have to deal with. That's why I am bringing in the worst-case scenario to you. This is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

You have the ability to make a lot of money. When you make money, there is a target on your back. A lot of people want you; you need to be cautious here, because of pride and ego. You start making a lot of money, a lot of people want you. Don't buy into that bullshit.

Both husband and wife spent the weekend with us and I am happy to report that 6 years later, they are still married. They worked it through based on the coaching we gave them.

So, as long as we are willing to be open, and receptive to what other people are saying to us, then life can change.

They've repaired the relationship, and more importantly, they have now increased their pillars of business that they are serving them. All because now they have open and honest communication.

For you to work effectively with your spouse, you must have open communication. If you don't, why are you playing the game?

It's all a game. And we play games to win. I am in it to help you win, whether we have to invest in your business or invest in your personal wellbeing.

Whether I am personally coaching you, or one of our other coaches is, we are all investing in your overall wellbeing.