(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

In Bob Corcoran's world, anything is possible if you want it enough. Let me give an example of one of my clients.

When he was considering hiring me, he said: “Listen, I've been stuck for 5 years at 250 to 275." And I said: “OK, I will agree to coach you if you agree to have a goal of 350 for next year.”

This was in December of the year he hired me, and he flippantly said: “Sure Bob! I don't like your fees. I think you charge too much.” I said: “Well, I can either charge you x amount of dollars a month to coach you or take percentage of your sales growth.”

To which he replied: “No, your reputation precedes you so I will take the monthly fee because I don't want to overpay you.”

To make a long story short, the very next year his general manager called me on December 7 of that year to thank me for helping him close 350 deals.

Fast forward 6 years, this is the same team that I initially helped achieve 350 closed transactions in the first year of coaching with me, last year they closed 993.

Well, I am happy to announce I helped this client to sell his business for over 7 million dollars.

Think about that! How did we achieve those numbers?

  1. Operational excellence
  2. Having a goal, a vision, and a future

I'm most happy to share he is now working 20hrs less a week. 

What's important to you? How many hours do you work? And how much money do you make?

To me, I'm about operational excellence and work life balance.

At the end of the day, if you want success in this business, think with the end in mind.

Let's plan your exit strategy, and then implement that strategy to help you achieve your goals.