(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

It is most important to understand your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses.

All great leaders, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, all of them will tell you, surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. You do not have all the answers. So find talent!

There is always room for talent. Look for people who will help you achieve your goals. Hire people that are in line with what your weaknesses are. If your weakness is in recruiting, hire someone that is strong in recruiting. If your weakness is operations, hire a strong operations person. 

You need to eliminate the frustration that you personally feel in your business. Without doing that, trust me, you are going down a path that's going to cause you to fail.

So what am telling you right now is, hire your weaknesses, build your strengths. Build a company that is dominant and willing to move forward.