(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

I cannot overcome my limiting beliefs until I identify what they are.

Here is the most profound limiting belief I’ve seen in real estate: “I'm not worth making that kind of money.” Get rid of that stinking thinking.

Who told you that? Why are you buying into that lie? You are worth anything you want to be.

I am telling you right now, focus on the positives, focus on the solution and set the time. Get rid of the stinking thinking that somewhere in your past, whether it’s your mother or father or significant other. People that were talking negative. Saying you can't do that. 

I remember when I started my company 30 years ago, I was in retail for 16 years. Reached the very top of my profession in that industry and I decided that my ladder was leaning up against a wrong wall. And I quit! This was the late 80s and I was making 6 figures.

Everybody thought it was crazy to leave that position. I saw a vision and I believed in my vision. When I talked to my uncle Jack he said: “Robert, you need to get a real job, you can't do something on your own. You have to work for a company.” I said: “Uncle Jack, I respectfully love you but disagree with you.” And I proceeded with my vision and my plan for helping real estate agents build a phenomenal life.

Let's fast forward 10 years. I am doing events both in Brooklyn and Illinois. I invited him and introduced him at the beginning of the conference. I said: “Here is my uncle Jack, my Godfather, he told me to go get a real job.”

Uncle Jack looked at me and said: “Robert, you've listened to me your entire life. This time you didn't and I'm proud of you for discerning when to listen to me and when not to. I'm very proud of you Robert, continue doing what you are doing.”

So be clear about what you want to achieve, be committed to the plan and then implement it. Anything is possible with a dream, but you must have a determination to achieve your ultimate goals. 

I am happy to help anybody with the downers in their life because I always say, eliminate the negative people in your life. You will ultimately achieve when you eliminate the negativity in your life.