(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

So you want to get your life back. What does that really mean?

You know you're talking to a reformed workaholic. After 30 years of being in this business I learned that real estate does not need to control us. As a team leader you have many responsibilities. As the CEO of your corporation you're probably the CFO, Director of Operations, you're everything to everybody.

If you really want to do a check how busy you really are please ask the people that are important to you a spouse a significant other and children that are old enough. Just ask them how do they like mommy or daddy's career in real estate. Don't be surprised the answer you get.

However, there is a solution it begins with your attitude. What I really want to stress here is when you change your mindset from a team leader or from a real estate agent to a chief executive officer your entire attitude is going to change because what you're going to start doing and start thinking is what would a chief executive officer do in this situation.

It is important as a team leader that you have responsible people in your organization to run the different segments of your business. You know you're a team when you have three or four agents and two or three support staff who run the day-to-day business and key people that you can really count on who want to help you have a better life.

I know the responsibilities that you have in your brain right now about how many people you feel responsible for. Well guess what, people have to take care of themselves. Your responsibility is that you are mentally, spiritually and physically healthy. When you change your attitude from a real estate agent to that CEO mindset your whole life will change.

If you really want to get serious about this learn the art of delegation pick up a book on delegation. Discover what makes good leaders. Great leaders know how to delegate.

Delegation is a really a slippery slope because the art of great delegation is great follow-through. When you're delegating to somebody to do work for you always ask yourself should I be doing this job or is somebody else better off doing this. So I'm here to tell you if other people can do the job better than us let them do it.

Nobody is going to take whatever you delegate to them and finish it 100%, that's impossible. The only way to 100% is with your final blessing. If you take a task that would take you an hour to do, delegate it to somebody else. Let them do the first draft of whatever it is you want and when done review it with you. Then have them go back they fix it so you will spend all of 5 minutes versus an hour and a half.

By doing this you will change your life through the art of delegation. Find key people in your organization to take on some of these tasks that you feel responsible for. I strongly recommend that you as a CEO or team leader have a huddle with your team every single morning no later than 9:00 o'clock. the huddle's should last no more than 15 minutes. By 9:15 you'll know what's going on in your with your operations and sales teams. If any of them have any questions they are asked then instead of having to interrupt you during the course of your day or calling you at seven o'clock at night.

Hopefully you will take these tips implement them today and shoot me an email (bob@bobcorcoran.com), I'd love to hear the results