(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

I don't know. Are you?

What does coachable mean? You hire a coach to bring in different ideas. You hire a coach that thinks differently than you. You're actually looking for someone who is quite opposite of you. Also somebody who has a very high level of coaching experience.

Not every coach is for every person like my style of coaching. I'm a high D, I'm results driven. My style is not for everybody. If you're looking to hire a coach who wants to make you feel good I’m not the one.

My average client increases production 47% while decreasing expenses 23% purely because we teach people how to run as a business.

So, when you ask yourself, well, am I coachable? Ask yourself, am I open to new ideas?

I always say, seek first to understand, then to be understood. So when I'm talking to a client, we'll talk about are they coachable?

A lot of times I'll get well, what do you mean? Sometimes some people are so set in their ways that everything the coach tells them, the client says, well, you're wrong. Well, that's an obvious sign that we're not communicating. We're not on the same page.

So when that does happen to me we take a step back and say, OK, we need to hit the reset button, because every time we're mentioning something, you keep giving me pushback. Are you giving me pushback because you disagree with me or giving me pushback because you don't understand?

You need to have a series of questions to ask the coach, ask about their experience level. Ask about the teams they've coached. I definitely would be calling references and not only of clients. When you get references everybody's going to say great things.

Ask for references of past clients. Why are they a past client? Some people simply run a course with with a coach. And that's OK. I have multiple of my clients. A lot of my clients have multiple different coaches, like a financial coach. I'm a business coach for them.

I do a heck of a lot more now. We do a lot of life coaching as well. But at the end of the day, you got to decide what it is you want. Ask yourself the tough questions. Ask your coach the tough questions.

Make your decision. You should never regret that decision.