(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

We care about our clients. It's not just about selling homes. We are all about work-life balance. I can teach you how to sell a lot of homes. But I don't want to work with a client who is a workaholic because then, I am going to coach a young widow. We avoid that by focusing on operational excellence first. 

We customize our services based upon what your wants and needs and desires are. Some of our clients simply will hire us to help them with their exit strategy because they need to retire in 4 years. So we work on that strategy. It's all about starting with the end in sight.

How many more years do you want to do this? When you figure out what that time frame is, then we work out what the exit strategy looks like. Is it to bring in a partner to take over the business? Do we look at our current team members if they want to buy into the business?

We don't give anything away for free.

You spent years building your business. We want you to capitalize your investment of time, effort, energy, and more importantly your sacrifices you and your family made to get your business to this level.

Now, let's capitalize for your retirement.