(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

What is the one thing everybody says they want and need but when they get it they hate? It's a 14-letter word called Accountability.

How do we ensure accountability of team members?  First let's start with salespeople.  Number one, I always recommend you have a daily huddle with your salespeople. Daily huddles should be first thing in the morning. I prefer not to start past 9:00am and should never go more than 15 minutes.  I prefer it be in person with everybody in the office. Why? Because people who show up to the office are always going to sell more homes. A lot of people like to do their huddles on zoom. That's OK if you're serving a spread-out area.

The purpose of the huddle is so that you, as the team leader or a sales manager, knows by 9:15am that every sales person has the questions to ask themselves in that daily huddle is number one. “What successes did you have yesterday?” I always start with successes because you're working on their mindset without telling them.

Second thing is DPA stands for Dollar Productive Activities. Real estate agents only get paid to do four things: list, prospect, sell and negotiate. Those are the only four dollar productive activities that a real estate agent does to make them money.

So you want to know their dollar productive activities that they have scheduled for the day. If today is a workday for an agent and they have no real estate appointments, then they should be on the phone or doing some type of prospecting or lead follow up six hours that day. So you would say: “Okay, you have no appointments today, who are you going to be following up with for the next five to six hours?” By doing this you're telling them the accountability right there at 9 o'clock in the morning.

The second thing you want to know is how many clients do they have?

I don't know about you but what frustrates me more is when I ask agents how many buyers they have and they say they have four. Then my next question is “Do you currently have an appointment scheduled?” to which they say no. Then I say: “Okay your action item from today's huddle is get the appointments with the ones you don't have already set and report back tomorrow morning.”

What I'm doing is I'm telling them what they need to do to be successful and delegating it to them and telling them to report back tomorrow morning. That is critical and you're going to start seeing your people sell more homes. When you think of salesperson accountability, it can be very simply handled in the morning.

I want you to do an operations huddle as well and it should be separate from the sale agents one. Some of my teams, they come together, and they do it all. Operations people talk about what's going on operationally. What you as a team leader or any leader on your team wants to know is what's going on and is there anything I as a team leader or CEO need to know right now so I can answer your question and take care of it.

Everybody reports back, follows up and we talk about how many homes they sold.

Accountability does not have to be difficult. Don't make it difficult.