(Video Transcript - lightly edited for clarity)

When I got into the real estate industry, what I realized right away was that most real estate agencies have zero systems. They ran by the seat of their pants. So, 30 years ago, I decided to start a company that will teach top real estate agents how to be proficient at running their own business. 

We must start with operational excellence first. If we do not have operational excellence first, you put the cart before the horse. You are never going to materialize the monetary benefit you want to achieve.

Having operational excellence first allows all of my clients to have unbelievable growth while maintaining work/life balance, and huge client satisfaction numbers. Our client satisfaction ratio shoots up 98% by simply adding operational excellence to how we serve our clients.

Remember: repeat referrals is the most important thing in any sales organization. All my clients maintain a minimum of 50% repeating referral clients. And when you achieve that, the business is sustainable, and more importantly, you have a business that is actually valuable to sell because we start with the end in sight.

When I start with a client, we talk about how many years they want to do this. We have to put the end game in the process because eventually you need to get out of the business either by choice or by death. 

But at the end of the day, set your business up with the exit strategy in mind.