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Bob shares how to prepare yourself and your business for eventual sale or succession and provides crucial tips to avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes. (more...)

Bob shares his secret on keeping your sales and operational staff highly accountable on a daily basis using just 15 minutes a day. This is the same approach he uses to coach his clients' teams to achieve more than 32 closings per year per team member on average. (more...)

Bob shares how to become the CEO of your own business / team where you have dedicated, engaged and accountable team members that take care of the work freeing you up to have a life while your business grows. (more...)

Bob shares exactly what you need to do to hire the right people for your team, from job posting, evaluation interviews to on boarding.   (more...)

Bob shares important principles of recruiting including what needs to be in place before you even think about adding to your team and how to find experienced people that will be a great fit. (more...)

Bob shares several powerful secrets to keeping top producing members of your team in ways they will never want to leave. (more...)

Bob shares why everyone eventually plateaus and how to break through every time. (more...)

Bob shares important tips on how to start incorporating showing agents within your team in a way to maintain profitability and team cohesiveness. (more...)

Bob shares why having a cohesive team culture is critical to your overall success and then gives specific tips on how to create one. (more...)

Unless your team members are completely self-managed and self-disciplined, you really don't have an effective team. In this video, Bob shares a powerful, proven and easy way to make sure every member of your team is indeed self-managed and self-disciplined. (more...)